Creating theme in
Before creating theme you should know following things.
  1. The number of pages can vary from one to unlimited.
    1. Home page
    2. Contact page
    3. Page detail page
    4. Product list page
    5. Product page
  2. You need to create xml file for the theme naming as layout.xml and put it in home folder of your theme.
    You need to have fixed prototype of xml file as you can find in layout.xml file which is included in same folder as this document.
  3. There are some variable which can be used in site without initiating them in theme. You may follow excel sheet Default variables in dignepal_keyword_sheet.xlsx file found in same folder as this document.
  4. There are some keywords which you can pass to function to get desired output. List of such functions are given in sheet List of keyword with their func on dignepal_keyword_sheet.xlsx file.
    These keyword can be passed through xml resource file.
    Sample is given below:
  5. You can include js, css, view file as resource through xml file. Some examples of linking those files are given below:
    1. Js
      Here js/jquery-1.4.1.min.js is a relative path from base location of your theme.
    2. Css
    3. Here css/main.css is a relative path from base location of your theme.
    4. View :
    5. Here in theme_name/header theme_name is a name of your theme and must be same as the folder you have created for theme.
  6. To load resource file like jquery or main css file you can use default block. You can put a block in your xml file as shown below:
    Loading resource is same as talked above in point no. 5. Here you can just load css and javascript file.
  7. For the limited period you can create as much page as you like. But there are some banned page i.e you are not allowed to create some pages as listed in sheet List of banned pages of dignepal_keyword_sheet.xlsx file.